Basic Information

What is EnderMetrics?

EnderMetris is a cognitive analysis platform that will allow you to know what and how children learn with your own mobile app.

How can this information help me?

Thanks to the data that you can get that measure how your children react, how they learn, and their educational progress, you will be able to know if the levels in your game are appropriate for the children who use it, if the children really are learning, what they like about your app and what they least like. All of this will help you to make decisions to improve your app and optimize the children’s learning.

What is a skill?

The skill is the minimum unit of learning that we use to measure the educational progress of children.

These skills are defined as knowledge or capabilities that a child develops to understand, learn, transform, and apply in the world around him or her.

In education, we have the educational curriculums, which are comprised of the basic skills that a child needs to learn during each stage. This curriculum can differ depending on the teaching method utilized, the country he or she lives in, or it can even vary depending on his or her school.

Because of this, at EnderMetrics, we created an educational curriculum based on the Common Core, and, coming soon, on multiple intelligences, which will be the basis for the educational analysis of the apps. Even so, anyone will be able to personalize the curriculum basis for each need, in order to have the skills that each type of curriculum in its own app demands, since we understand that education needs to be adapted to each particular case, and the children shouldn’t be the ones that adapt to the education imposed upon them.

Is the data obtained in real time?

No, presently the data from the previous day is shown.

How can I measure my educational game?

You will need access to the Developers platform that you can get when you buy a pre-order, which buys you app integration, or you can contact us for a trial:

Once you have access, you should register you app, with each game that it has and its respective competencies.

To start to track you will need to add, in your app code, the different token codes that you will get from the platform, and in just a few minutes you will start to get the results.

Can I personalize what I want to measure?

You can personalize as many competencies as you will need for the educational analysis to be adapted to the curriculum that you are using in your app.

For example, if in our educational curriculum you don’t see the “counting” competency, you will be able to add it and track the information for this new competency.

What price do I have to pay for the service?

The pre-sale service costs 60 euros a month, which includes app tracking and a maximum of 1,000 MAU (monthly active users).

After finalizing pre-sale, the normal price will be 10 euros per month for the app and 10 euros a month for each 1,000 MAU.

What happens if I want to use the service for a web app instead of a mobile one?

There is the possibility of doing so but you will have to get in contact with us at so that we can see your specific case.

First steps

Register your account as a developer

To register a new account as a developer you will have made the corresponding payment on the platform or contacted us directly at so that we will have given you a trial account.

Register an app

Once you have access to the developer platform, you will be able to add your educational app from the administration panel.

Register games and skills

Upon registering your app, you will have the option to add games, depending on if your app is comprised of just one game or more than one.

Each one of these games will have their own skills that will have to be selected from our curriculum or added if you need to personalize your own skills.

EnderMetrics integration

Integration is done through API or SDK, in addition to the necessary tokens for tracking the competencies of each game.

Corona SDK is currently available and we are soon launching Unity SDK.

For more information on operation, documentation on both API and SDK is available in the developer portal.


Common Core

The basic skills used in our platform are based on the Common Core standards.

These standards have arrived in the United States and they try to homogenize the discrepancies between the many educational curriculum that exist. Presently, companies like Google and Apple are basing their products on these standards.

For these reasons, we decided to utilize the same ones and as such be in tune with the way the current app markets works, knowing that each app is its own world and can have its own specific needs that can be guaranteed by personalizing the platform for your curriculum.

Bloom's Taxonomy

In addition to the skills, we emphasize Bloom’s Taxonomy, which allows us to know which stage of learning the child is in: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, or creating.

With this we have achieved a system of ability organization in accordance with the digital era to show a global vision of the educational process in the affective, psycho-motor and cognitive dimensions.

Personalized skills

Any competency that is not registered on our platform can easily be integrating by adding it from the competency panel. If you were to have any special requirement regarding competency measuring, don’t hesitate to ask us at


Metrics that can be obtained

The metrics that are obtained through the platform are organized in three different sections: overall app, overall games, and overall skills.

This information will be more or less precise depending on the type of API/SDK integration that has been done.

The data that will be shown in the graphics will always be statistics and you will not be able to access the information of a single user nor their personal information.

Overall app analysis

In the section on overall app analysis, you will be able the access information relative to the app in general.

This information will be focused on the users that access your app, the sessions that they complete, the time worked on games or competencies, among others.

Overall game analysis

In the overall game analysis you will find more specific information for each type of game that you have registered on the platform: which game children like more, how much they spend time playing each game, which one they learn they most with, the time/level in the game where there is the biggest drop and why, ways to improve engagement, the performance of each game, and much more.

Overall skills analysis

Finally, in the overall competency analysis, the information that you will find will be specific to the competencies that are worked on in the app, what competencies get worked on the most, the least, if there is any drop in users on any of them, the performance per competency, the optimal learning time and even information relative to the part of Bloom’s Taxonomy applied in your app.

With all of this, you will be able to know how to improve your games to be able to optimize them so that children learn more and better.