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Learning Analytics –

What is Learning Analytics?

Learning analytics is the measurement, analysis and reporting of data about learners, in our specific case, about kindergarten learners.

This is exactly what you will get with EnderMetrics, a Learning Analytics platform with information regarding behavior of children, performance of activities and development of skills.

Behavior of children

Children’s behavior is one of the most important things to determinate if they are confident and active in learning. That’s why the first analysis that we will show to developers is that one.

Here you will have information about the efficiency of your app, how much time children are playing, information related to session or the engagement of the activities and the skills.


Performance of activities


You will have information about every game or activity that you have on your own app.

This will help you to improve your games, so you will know the dropout rate on each game and level, how to optimize the games to engage your users, the efficiency or the success and fail rate of each game, among others.

Development of skills

The main goal of an educational app is the development of the children skills.

You will be able to measure and analyze information regarding Common Core Standards and, soon, Intelligences Multiples. Thanks to this, you will have simple reports with powerful information about what skills are being developed and how to improve the process of learning.